on september 1st 2017 we should all go to King’s Cross station and be there for the end of Harry Potter’s timeline 

*has a temper tantrum because she wants Stiles to be with Cora*


-> JR on Petopher: "Of course they would ship us. It makes sense… Oil and Water." - "They ship us? We’re like black and white. Hell and Heaven. God and Satan. Oil and water. Apples and Oranges. I can go on." He finds it amazing that people ship Chris and Peter. He gave the ship several different…

M: What else do  b a n s h e e s  do?
L: You think I know?

I can’t just turn this on. I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses.
                      I  j u s t  h a v e  v o i c e s  i n  m y  h e a d.


if i don’t talk to myself who will

Braeden being a perf badass hot chick doesn't mean she can't also have a man if she wants one, THAT DOES NOT LESSEN HER CHARACTER. She can ride motorcycles, and kick butt, and do it lacy, sexy underwear, and get Derek Hale if he agrees (seems like he does) and still be an amazing female character in a CANON relationship that's fabulous oops

you have your opinion, I have mine oops

Posey: first time I heard the song Rude by Magic I texted Dylan "We need to start a reggae babe"
Dylan: And I didn't realize he meant reggae band, so I texted him back "Alright babe."

Tyler Hoechlin @ San Diego Comic Con 2010 - 2014

derek having to resort to human weapons bc losing the ability to werewolf I am cry