"teen wolf is going to change forever" nope

nope nope

nope nope nope seriously can’t have enough nopes memorized for how i feel rn

the tumblr app on my phone is evil because it makes it easy to go through people’s blogs since the like button is on the regular page; I don’t have to click the post

I’ve been wondering things.

Peter and Talia are brother and sister, right? He said sister, not sister in law. Right? (This only goes for if they are brother and sister by blood, so).

They’re both Hales.

Now, we’ve seen Talia, but not Derek’s father. I’m drawing a blank; was his father ever mentioned? We know Talia was the alpha. But what of Derek’s father? Were he and Talia married? Because if they were, what was his last name? ‘Cause if Talia and Peter are brother and sister, and if Talia was married to Derek’s father, then how does she have the same last name as Peter?

Unless with her as the alpha, her husband has to take her family’s name? Which I guess would make sense, to keep the Hale line going. Did I answer my own question, because god only knows Jeff Davis won’t answer such a thing.

It’s just that this has been bothering me for months. So.

The Evolution of Teen Wolf
Season 1: Look, rainbows and sunshine and cute werewolf puppy Scott
Season 3: American Horror Story - Lycanthrope

lalala gonna get hate prob bc s3 is the devil

What would you like to happen during an apocalypse?

teen wolf is great

teen wolf is beautiful

but I’m sorry, but season three is just beyond what I expected, and I’m not entirely sure it’s in a good way

the first half of season three was great; dark but still horrifyingly, awesomely amazing

stiles still had the good natured sarcasm and heart and just overall STILES that I was fine

but this kitsune, nogitsune, werecoyote nonsense is just that

n o n s e n s e

yes, I love that they’re giving dylan the chance to show that he is so much more than the comic relief he had been from the start


I want him to stay human, alive, and go back to his sarcastic comments

the short while he was himself in the institution? that was great because that vending machine comment was gold, and he was so stiles the way he freaked and turned away when malia was showering (also erica much, with the way she commented on him not looking)

and I know it’s the nogitsune doing it, making him this evil thing … but when he’s screaming at chris to shoot him in the last trailer? I’m pretty sure that was stiles; stiles begging for chris to shoot him, to save him and everyone else from himself (if I’m wrong wtfever, bc wtf jeff davis I can’t with this anymore)

and I just want buzzcut, spastic, hand & mouth fetish stiles back

do you see? all the evil is latching onto his grown out hair. if he buzzes it, all will be well again, and the sudden nematon hellmouth will close ok



"Stiles having feelings for Malia"